MMG is always looking for reputable and experienced groups to partner with. We are proud to have partnered with some of South Florida’s most reputable firms including:


Pari-passu Joint Ventures

MMG will JV with reputable partners with a proven track record to acquire assets in 50%/50% joint ventures. In these structures, MMG will contribute half of the equity pari-passu with the operating partner, with the partner either investing their own equity for the balance or having a GP/LP structure for the remaining 50% of the deal.


Limited Partnerships

One of our key strengths is our ability to identify and acquire low to moderate risk investment grade properties with high potential cash flows. We focus on properties where we can add value through active and aggressive management to maximize future appreciation.

MMG acquires and develops some projects through limited partnerships where achieving a high yield for the partnership is our primary objective. Our partnership structure aligns the interests if the Limited Partners with that of the General Partner (MMG). MMG will invest 20-80% of the equity required.

MMG also invests in shopping center acquisitions and developments as a limited partner, providing capital to individuals with a proven track record.

Preferred Equity

MMG provides preferred equity to developers and owners of commercial properties. Consider MMG as your first alternative when you are looking for capital to acquire or develop your projects.

Equity Amount






Preferred Return


Residual participation


Property Types

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